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A big hit in a football game, usually by the defense.
"Oh shit, Chad boomsticked that receiver!"
by Pirate76 November 08, 2009
word used by a hick to describe his shotgun
clem....i gotta go get some ammo for my boomstick.....wanna go to wal mart with me?

sure billy joe
by Bandaid Man February 13, 2005
"suck on my.....boomstick?"
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
Prefered weapon by the "Elite" players of "The Specialists" Half-Life modification.
"Damn! Nash pwnz with the Boomstick!"
by Shmee November 13, 2003
the loving description of ones weapon or in another context as ones throbbing (preferably uncircumsised) member.
"would you like to suck on my boomstick you pretty little thing."
by Rob Nash April 05, 2004
boomstick is a hillbilly way of talking about a shotguns. Shotguns own they are good 4 killin gators kids cows unwanted vistors and da government

cletis get mah boomstick
by nickdawhite guy October 25, 2005
The act of slamming your hands on the table scaring everyone and scatting everything on the table to random places across the world. I still can't find my FA.
Cole Hutto smashed the table and the cards went everywhere BOOMSTICK!!!!
by Cds January 17, 2004