When you put your sac in her face and while doing that you yell.....BOOMSLANGIN!!!!!!
i was maylayin this chick in halo 3 while i yelled BOOMSLANG!!!through the mic.
by connor weakley November 22, 2007
to have sex in your buddies bed
dre: if you had logan's sun glasses at your crib, why didn't you let me come in and grab them with my spare key?

kevin: cuz i didn't want you boomslangin' in my bed!
by leisa July 16, 2008
When gangstas go cruising in their car blaring loud rap music.
I could hear the boomslang from three blocks away.
by ilovepolkadots July 02, 2008
1. The exclaimation you make, when you open the bathroom door and there is someone already there. origin: game of balderdash. 2. Poisonous australian snake.
(person enters bathroom) "Boomslang!"
by Jurek April 11, 2005
When you are bangin your girlfriend and you shout out "BOOMSLANG"
oh.. ooooh.. oooooh.............. BOOMSLANG!


So I met this hot chick last night...yep...you guessed it, we boomslanged
by Chilly-Chill-Will October 27, 2007
to give her tha dick down,to fuck someone
i gave olivia tha boomslang
by Camron February 26, 2005
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