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to have sex in your buddies bed
dre: if you had logan's sun glasses at your crib, why didn't you let me come in and grab them with my spare key?

kevin: cuz i didn't want you boomslangin' in my bed!
by leisa July 16, 2008
1. The exclaimation you make, when you open the bathroom door and there is someone already there. origin: game of balderdash. 2. Poisonous australian snake.
(person enters bathroom) "Boomslang!"
by Jurek April 11, 2005
a vigina, cuddy, "the downstairs", a pussy
i got boomslang last night!
by jaron Olson July 07, 2008
When you are bangin your girlfriend and you shout out "BOOMSLANG"
oh.. ooooh.. oooooh.............. BOOMSLANG!


So I met this hot chick last night...yep...you guessed it, we boomslanged
by Chilly-Chill-Will October 27, 2007
to give her tha dick down,to fuck someone
i gave olivia tha boomslang
by Camron February 26, 2005