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Adj. A state of drunkenness. Inspired by ESPN's Chris Berman, aka Boomer, who is known for his catch phrase "rumblin' stumblin' bumblin'", a person who is boomered is all three of these things.
I've had a long week. Getting risky drunk isn't enough. I want to get boomered!!!
by Chap Daddy November 19, 2010
To be blown up, shot and teabagged.

See owned
OMG!!! that dude was totally Boomered!!
by Boomsling January 09, 2004
Plain and Simply: To shoot your lunch out, usually on something or somebody. (Much like the Boomers in 'Left 4 Dead')
I'll be right back, Cat boomered on my keyboard.
by TinZeek March 29, 2010