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To be blown up, shot and teabagged.

See owned
OMG!!! that dude was totally Boomered!!
by Boomsling January 09, 2004
Adj. A state of drunkenness. Inspired by ESPN's Chris Berman, aka Boomer, who is known for his catch phrase "rumblin' stumblin' bumblin'", a person who is boomered is all three of these things.
I've had a long week. Getting risky drunk isn't enough. I want to get boomered!!!
by Chap Daddy November 19, 2010
Plain and Simply: To shoot your lunch out, usually on something or somebody. (Much like the Boomers in 'Left 4 Dead')
I'll be right back, Cat boomered on my keyboard.
by TinZeek March 29, 2010