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The art of breaking up with a significant other to have a brief relationship before returning to your original partner.
My girlfriend was boomeranging with some spanish guy, but she's back with me now.
by Mr Craig January 11, 2014
Repeating the words of another participant during a texting session.
John: Hi!
Susan: Hi!

John: I hear an echo...
Susan: I hear an echo...

John: As long as you recognize it's like a boomerang
Susan: I'm boomeranging
by squashedblueberry June 04, 2013
(1) verb: to send back something to a person that they originally sent to you; to return to sender
In reference to the Australian Aboriginal hunting instrument the Boomerang.
(2) verb: to quickly return something to the source
(1) Receiving a file back that you originally sent to someone, where the person who sent it us unaware they got it from you:
REPLY: "hey, thanks for boomeranging me that video, it's always nice to watch things twice :)"
(2) Used for sending someone back something intentionally as part of a reply to a message.
REPLY: "Good luck with the job Interview, and I can't help boomeranging this picture back to you."
by rydstbomel September 11, 2005