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An expression coined by The Discovery Channel used to express love for the Earth.
Guy 1: I love the whole world!
Guy 2: Boomdiada!!!
by Kris Yeager August 09, 2008
1. The act of exclaiming ones awesomeness, joy and pleasure while proforming an awesome and or pleasurable task.

2. The name of a comercial for the Dicovery Channel involving the use of said word in a song.
"Boomdiada!" exclaimed Joe while fighting a bear.

"Boomdiada!" exclaimed Bob after a hardcore night of partying.

"Boomdiada!" exclaimed Bill when he orgasmed.
by Mark-Anthony Samson February 19, 2009
hot date on a wednesday night.
fart fart fart fart fart fart
by ale January 21, 2004
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