when you RAPE someone in halo 3 by getting a noscope headshot on somone with the sniper
*no scope someone*
"BooM HEADSHOT!!!!!!!"
by boomy headshot November 24, 2009
A new, recently coined definition.

It means you have achieved a headshot, so it makes since to shout it as loud as possible after ejaculateing on someones face.
Girl: Ewww... That really killed the mood...
by dragono July 08, 2006
In a first person shooting game, where you kill someone in the head, and you get really happy about it, and you feel like you have to inform people about it with a chant.
*Running along with M4. (SEE AN ENEMY!)*Shoot at them, and hit them in the head* "BOOM HEADSHOT!"
by Blake Lieberg March 16, 2006
A term commonly used by people with an extreme case of ADHD, while they're playing an online FPS (First Person Shooter) such as CounterStrike. While many newer players (n00bs) may use the standard "headshot," all experience players, while pwning said n00bs, will use the more advanced "boom headshot."
I was pwning these n00bs and I was like, boom headshot, boom headshot, boom headshot, and it was like that.
by JJ Tompson and Kasey Kenseth August 28, 2005
a gay phrase used by nerds who play first-person shooting games, when playing and they shoot someone in the head they get excited and say BOOOOOM HEADSHOOOT!!!
nerd2134:(takes aim at players head and fires)
n00blet69: darn you got me
nerd2134: BOOM HEADSHOT!!1
n00blet69:get a life that isn't in a computer land assfuker
nerd2134:w00t owned pwned stfu
by btf'07' December 22, 2007
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