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A statement used in the t.v. show Scrubs, meaning to get laid
I got a text message from T.J saying "Boom City!", he must have gotten laid
by soldriver October 13, 2008
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When you bang the night before the next morning you say you went to boom city.
Omg that girl was so Hot I went to boom city with her last night.
by canttouchthis39483084 April 10, 2008
It is when two people, either both male, female or of different sexes engaging in sexual intercourse. Can be shortened to BC while texting.
I totally went to BOOM CITY last night.

Lets take a road trip to BOOM CITY
by Professor Charles Winston III January 11, 2010
Boom City, Illinois, is small city down in the lower wetlands of southern Illinois.
Let's take a trip to "Boom City"!
by cityboom September 27, 2007

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