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Street slang for hustling that originated in Detroit.
That man's out there booming on the block.
by xlae-x March 24, 2003
A mildly stereotypical 'gangsta' greeting. Used more often by white boys.
Best pronounced "Boooooooooooooooom" followed by an Ali G-esque finger snap.
Can also replace the phrases "I emphatically agree" or "Thats the best news I heard for ages"


"Mate, I've just won the lottery"
by Yacob February 07, 2003
To eat magic mushrooms; to be tripping on mushrooms.
1. Dude, wanna boom with me and andrew?

2. Man I ate an 8th of shrooms with my sister, and I was hella booming!
by chronic diahrea June 09, 2009
boom is anotha word for point... when somebody say somethin stupid u give em a point except you say boom...
boy boom that was stupid
by Juicey January 08, 2006
To take a massive shit.
Buki just made a boom on the rug.
by Dronimur April 11, 2005
used to describe really potent weed/skunk
oi dat weed is a boom ting..
by hack December 07, 2003
in the act of booming; an exlamation of anger or joy; a painful situation

See also: bol
I just got boomed in Unreal Tournament!
I hate stupid campers..BOOM!
by Bucking Fastard January 06, 2003