when something unbelievable and/or awesome has just been done and/or completed. the ULTIMATE achievement. the BEST thing of all things.
ME:yo dude, you finally blaze that girl or what?
FRIEND:yea dude, i was all up in that last night.
by thelevinsonhorse July 15, 2011
BOOM could be defined as:

1. When something is good, great or amazing.

2. When someone does something good, great or amazing.

3. When someone says something good, great or amazing.

For Example: "That party last night was boom"

Boy smashes a window - "Yeah dats boom"

"Wanna hit up BigWigs after?" "Yeah boom"

Now there is where 'Boom' began. After which, through the evolution of the English language throughout the last few months it was begun to be used as a verbal exclamation. Where in a sentence you would see '!' , you would exclaim, 'boom'.

Furthermore, the current definition of 'boom' would best be described by the following examples:

"Yo, did you see that broad?" - REPLY: "Yeah man she was boooom." or on the contrary: "Man she was DUTT/DUTTSKIES/DUTTYTINGZ/BUMTINGZ/BUMBUM/NOTEVENBOOM"

The word most associated with 'boom' in recent times would be 'pho' which is a Vietnamese rice noodle served in a soup typically with beef or chicken.

"That pho was booom!"

"Yo that party last night was BOOOM... but not as boom as pho!"
by swapnilPRELAPSE August 13, 2010
Something you say when you do something awesome.
Shot Clock: 3...2...1
Ball: (IN)
Me: Boom!


Mary: Whoever makes a shot first wins.
Jane: K.
Mary: Boom
by B to the J to the P April 01, 2010
In the context of the song "Boom" by Flight of the Conchords, it can quite literally mean anything.

While this is true, in many cases it seems to equate to a euphemism for sex/something related to sex.
-I wanna boom like it's never been done.
-It's the first day of boom and the flowers are blooming.
-I see you shakin' that boom, boom. See you lookin' at my boom, boom. See you want some boom, boom. It's clear it's boom time, boom, boom!
-You like boom. I like boom. Enough small boom, let's boom -de-boom-ah.
-He said he had his boom chopped off in a boom, but the crazy boom still wants to boom!
-We both get freaky and the boom gets leaky, then we boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

^All of the above are lines from the song
by Stoirm May 24, 2011
A word often used as encouragement, most commonly used by tall, buff, long-dark-haired men in speedos who teach yoga. Many times it is followed by an encouraging pat on the buttocks.
that's it! very nice.. encouragement.. yesss. boom....boom...
by bambam728 February 05, 2011
A word previously used (back in the 20th century) to emphasize the impact of something said or done that probably hurt someone physically or emotionally or to denote general awesomeness... but nowadays is used by PCs (Plastic Cocks) at the wrong time everytime, no matter what.
Beers: Hey check out what happened the other day it was so funny. I went to the store and bought some oranges but forgot that the wife wanted apples... (that was all that was said)
Everyone else: (awkward silence)
Beers: BOOM!!!
Everyone else: (awkward silence... again)
Beers: Funny right?
by White Sands November 29, 2010
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