To Boom (v):
To trip off of mushrooms, derived from the slang word for mushrooms-boomers- and refers to the boom of energy and interest you receive throughout the trip.
-Yo dog, lets go boom later in that nature reserve.

-Yaa Homebrosapien, thats no doubt the best place to boom.
by VTdawg August 08, 2013
An exclamation used to define / draw attention to an excellent outcome. Can be used without any preamble. Typically accompanied by suitably emphatic hand / arm gestures.
"I just made the most awesome dinner - boom!"
"Check that backflip - boom!"
Walks into room wearing new shirt - points to shirt "boom!"
by Jack Union May 02, 2013
when really cool things happen
by zmaf April 06, 2012
Used as a better form of "Zing". To imply "In your face!" or more lightly, "Yes!"
Mok: "Boom baby! I win."
Any dude: "No you still have a cup left."
Mok: "Boom! Now I win."
by emok March 27, 2012
when something unbelievable and/or awesome has just been done and/or completed. the ULTIMATE achievement. the BEST thing of all things.
ME:yo dude, you finally blaze that girl or what?
FRIEND:yea dude, i was all up in that last night.
by thelevinsonhorse July 15, 2011
BOOM! is a collection of awesome people. Usually great for a bowling team name. Everyone wants to hang out with them and be around them. They are outgoing, well liked, and all around amazing. Whenever they do something fantastic, people yell "BOOM!" and high-fives usually follow.
(gets a strike or spare).......BOOM!!!!!!
by Captain Boom November 09, 2011
The action of accelerating an object at a high speed with the intent of success.

In the past tense to have boomed something is to have accelerated an object at high speed and achieved success.
He boomed the puck into the net.
by reioni90 April 12, 2011

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