In the context of texting, it is an exclamatory statement used at the end of an insult.
My cats are better than yours!!
by gehenosterreich January 01, 2012
BOOM! is a collection of awesome people. Usually great for a bowling team name. Everyone wants to hang out with them and be around them. They are outgoing, well liked, and all around amazing. Whenever they do something fantastic, people yell "BOOM!" and high-fives usually follow.
(gets a strike or spare).......BOOM!!!!!!
by Captain Boom November 09, 2011
-a small piece of hashish that is adequate enough to roll yourself a blasting doob.

- a piece of hashish that is just enough for one joint.
Yo, what are you upto? You wanna boom one?
by bakuryuchobs June 18, 2011
The action of accelerating an object at a high speed with the intent of success.

In the past tense to have boomed something is to have accelerated an object at high speed and achieved success.
He boomed the puck into the net.
by reioni90 April 12, 2011
The feeling you get right before you jizz. You feel it then... BOOM!
My dick went boom before I jizzed
by Jim fickleberry April 26, 2010
1.greeting on the phone,used by black people
2.used at the end of a sentence when explaining.
(someone answers)
A:Boom! wah gwarn my yute
B:not a ting sa

2*.(man giving directions to shop) you go past the gully,hang a left then boom!(there it is)
by kerri dot May 26, 2007
A Boom moment is one of the best feelings in your life.

Normally a feeling for/from another or
Something amazing has/is about to happen!

Wow! That was a boom moment.
by missyss June 25, 2014
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