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-a small piece of hashish that is adequate enough to roll yourself a blasting doob.

- a piece of hashish that is just enough for one joint.
Yo, what are you upto? You wanna boom one?
by bakuryuchobs June 18, 2011
18 16
Proper Noun: 1. A song made by System Of a Down, featured on the album Steal This Album! This song focuses on how completely retarded war is, and has a music video made of it that included footage from the February 15, 2003 Anti-War Protests that Michael Moore helped out in making. The song includes lines about how many children die of starvation while we blow the money that could have been used to feed them on making bombs that will only kill more people and how politicians keep up false images. An extremely good song.
1. Every time you drop the bomb you kill the god your child has born...Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
by Flap Jack February 27, 2006
20 18
Boom; not the captions you see in the old Batman TV series, nor the song by P.O.D. Boom. But making a statement in something that you have done being extrodinary in saying the word "Boom!" after something has been done.
"I just won a free Big Mac, Boom!"
Or winning a hand at BlackJack "Boom!"
Nothing to do with terrorists and explosions going off. Just expressing yourself in a way other than an emoticon.
This was first seen on FaceBook by entrepreneur 'Mark Hastings', captioning every picture post with the word "Boom!". As we furthermore saw the trend move on to LMFAO in a few of their songs.
by Stinger18 February 08, 2013
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1.greeting on the phone,used by black people
2.used at the end of a sentence when explaining.
(someone answers)
A:Boom! wah gwarn my yute
B:not a ting sa

2*.(man giving directions to shop) you go past the gully,hang a left then boom!(there it is)
by kerri dot May 26, 2007
14 13
To Boom (v):
To trip off of mushrooms, derived from the slang word for mushrooms-boomers- and refers to the boom of energy and interest you receive throughout the trip.
-Yo dog, lets go boom later in that nature reserve.

-Yaa Homebrosapien, thats no doubt the best place to boom.
by VTdawg August 08, 2013
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An exclamation used to define / draw attention to an excellent outcome. Can be used without any preamble. Typically accompanied by suitably emphatic hand / arm gestures.
"I just made the most awesome dinner - boom!"
"Check that backflip - boom!"
Walks into room wearing new shirt - points to shirt "boom!"
by Jack Union May 02, 2013
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when really cool things happen
by zmaf April 06, 2012
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