(v) to engage in sexual intercourse; to have sex
His roommates walked in on us when we were booming last night.
by Corn Dogg February 06, 2008
A man who is like no other, well..much like others... in the fact that he likes to drink beer and tell stories about his stoopid friend ,but what sets him apart is that he tells it like he was really there (he was). Extemely good looking and can jam on the drums. Call him Mr. Boom
Boom Housier got drunk and tried to make out with chicks tonight...oh dont you know?
by Cait thee geat December 23, 2005
from the song 'she's so hot boom!' It basically means someone is hot, and you can announce this in front of the hot person, and they won't know what you mean.
Lisa: Wow, that guy, BOOM
Rhiannon: completely! and another, BOOM
Lisa: woah, my boomdar is going crazy
by xlisamassacre January 02, 2009
Dat mean stop lyin nigga

A son i got these bad ass bitches n they down wit a 3sum son..... Boom nigga stop lyin
by Tana Boi October 07, 2006
To perform a slam dunk maneuver.
Ay, nigga just boomed on you cuss.

That white boy just boomed on that poor black nigger.
by James b cuss January 16, 2004
getting booms in ya's
you boys go home now and get some booms in ya's
by eric oleszak December 07, 2003
In some parts of the UK can be used to describe something, usually a food, as nice. It can also be used to describe cars, clothes and looks.
Jaffa Cakes are boom!
That Ferrari is boom!
Cerys is looking so boom tonight!
by floob April 26, 2015
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