the sound Luch makes when she levitates then proceeds to hit the volleyball down at 70 mph
*luch hits the ball* BOOM!
by Commander RaRa September 24, 2006
A homosexual exclamation only uttered by complete homosexuals.
Mike: BOOM! I killed you!
by Committee to stop Booming (CTSB) January 06, 2003
Used to express a greeting.
"Boom. How are you?"

"A boom, boom, boom. Not too bad."
by BoomskiBoomski May 23, 2008
the sound of an explosion, often accompanied by :

1. screaming, death, carnage

2. the words "Terrorists win", followed by claims of hacking and teamkilling

3. the words "GAME OVER"
2) Captainobvious set us up the bomb!
Bomb Diffused- CTs WIN!

Gordon freeman: Is that a grenade? O Fu...
Grenade: BOOM!!!!!
by captain qwerty October 12, 2007
Hallucinogenic mushrooms. Also called boomers.
I got the boom, bitch...$25 an eigth
by Jared McBagnaggit July 25, 2004
New Zealander for a "sexual part" of the body such as the butt, or chest.
Jermaine: If I say you got a Boom ow ow, come on Bret, help me out now. Bret you got it goin on.
Bret: I got it goin on.
by Blackflame619 December 29, 2008
an explosion, y'know, BOOM!
BOOM! EXPLODE! (also known as BOOM!)

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