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A poor dickless fuck who loves books even though he can get pussy. After reading a well written book he will masturbate on the pages.
Billy: Yo dude Pamela Anderson and her beautiful twin sister are here to fuck us!
Joe: But dude! I'm reading this great book called Brave New World and maasturbating all over the pages
Billy: Dude they were totally gonna have sex with us, why do you have to be such a Book Fucker..
by Dr. Schlaktus March 09, 2009
Someone who who studies sex manuals all the time and sticks by them for orgasmic pleasure.
Kama sutra followers..... theyre bookfuckers.
by Davethemuncher February 20, 2005
(1)person who likes to point out spelling errors in people's text conversations.
Oteren is fucking the book again.
by vark May 05, 2003
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