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A person whose life revolves around the technical aspects of computers and other high tech gadgets. A Booger Eater also has no social life outside of virtual reality or chat rooms.
My PC is locked up. I'd better call one of those booger eaters from IS to fix it.
by Pfred Kneck August 20, 2007
po' white trash...po'______ trash (all nationalities apply)
let's go to the tractor pull, the all you can eat buffet, and diddle our siblings like a true booger eater.
by T-style December 13, 2005
inbred idiot of any race who's mere existance pisses you off.
"look at those booger eaters off to the tractor pull with their kissing cousin girlfriends. i wanna punch 'em!"
by T-style December 17, 2005
A person who acts and moves in very sneaky ways, casts furtive glances to see if anyone is watching him. Acts as if he is afraid someone will see him eating his boogers.
Simon acted like a man afraid that he would be caught picking his nose and eating his boogers.
by Phil Perez September 10, 2003
Dave Frank
Dave Frank is a professional booger eater and press operator. Can pick his nose w/a f'n glove on; a heavy cotton glove and devour the taste morsels.
by Bunzy August 22, 2003
A person of unsophisticated and interbred lineage. A person who does things that lack common sense. A person who sits at a stop sign for too long. A person that drives with their blinker on. A slow, dumb sonofabitch.
"Why are you so stupid?!? What are you? Some kind of booger eater?"
by yukoncornelius April 08, 2003
A person who is over the age of 13 and still watches wrestling (WWE, not the real kind).Booger eaters often suffer from the following symptoms:
-Lack of a life
-Lack of a girlfriend (or boyfriend in many booger eater cases)
-Masterbates...ALOT!(Many times while watching wrestling)
-Thinks wrestling is real and a sport
-Fascination watching oiled up men in their undies grab eachother and basically have sex.
-Always quoting wrestlers
-Will give this definition a thumbs down because they watch wrestling...therefore, are booger eaters.
guy#1- Hey dude, if you smell what i'm cooking, you'll know that i can kick your butt any day of the week!
Me- Shut up, booger eater.

guy#2- Hey, wanna come over to my house and watch lubed up men do everything except penetration? Maybe after that we can masterbate and talk to girls on the internet?
Me- No, you god damn booger eater.
by UncleJesse!!!1 April 28, 2006