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A Missouri Tigers college football fan who wondered what the big deal was when their star quarterback was filmed live eating his own snot during a game.
The University of Missouri at Columbia, Booger Eaters
by Misery Master November 23, 2007
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Nickname created by ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd targeted at Wrestling Fans. Nothing more immature than a middle aged man calling a group a people "booger eaters".
Colin Cowherd: Wrestling Fans are nothing but booger eaters.
Me: I'm a wrestling fan and I've never eaten a booger since I was 10. I wouldn't call anyone a booger eater with your face. It looks like you've been eating boogers for the past 40 years!
by BMAC4395 July 06, 2011
Any fan of Auburn University. They are typified by their never ending aubsession over THE University of Alabama football team. Ask a booger eater about the Auburn Tigers, and you will receive a 20 minute dissertation over either Coach Bryant or Coach Saban.
Ask a boogereater about the Auburn Tigers, and you'll get a response along these lines... Well, let me just tell you about what bahr bryant cheated like over thar in Tuscaloser!
by Alabama Wildman August 05, 2007
An enemy in wartime... usually of Middle-eastern descent. Commonly used among American troops for Iraqi insurgents.
"Yo, Dog, me and the creature must have killed us like 15 booger eaters today."
by James Patrick Sullivan Mahan October 18, 2006
A person whose life revolves around the technical aspects of computers and other high tech gadgets. A Booger Eater also has no social life outside of virtual reality or chat rooms.
My PC is locked up. I'd better call one of those booger eaters from IS to fix it.
by Pfred Kneck August 20, 2007
1) One who eats his boogers
2) An annoying person
3) One who is incompetent
4) Little Kids
Tell that booger eater to step it up a knotch.

How are your booger eaters?
by Bubba Gump July 20, 2005
a little kid, a rug rat, diaper filler
"Look at the booger eaters at the play ground"
by sick mick December 12, 2004
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