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Something that is extremely cute, so much so that just looking at something 'boofy' makes you wants to act violent towards it such as squeeze or bite it.
Person 1: Take a look at this rubber duck
Person 2: It's so boofy!
by A.E.J February 14, 2010
67 22
Boofy (adj)
A word used to illustrate intense poofiness.
Usually utilised in the description of hair.
The 80's was a partcullarly 'boofy' era
by Magpiex May 06, 2011
30 10
Something out of the ordinary; unorthodox.
"Man that chicks hair was boofy!"
by Cowboy Dave August 30, 2006
64 50
having hair that is puffed-up, as a bouffant.
How do you like my hair?

It looks boofy!
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd September 19, 2008
33 24
Someone/ something that's cute or adorable

A variation of this word is "Boofy Toggers"
"That's so boofies!"

"Aww! Boofy toggers!"
by penfoldus April 03, 2009
2 0
Meaning poofy or big sometimes occures depending of the weather conditon

-Mrs.Metkas 1st.period class HBMS Roswell GA
Wow her hair is so boofy!
by conway22- January 13, 2011
9 10
Someone that is both beautiful,and goofy at the same time.
"That silly picture of Samantha shows you just how boofy she really is."
by Mr.Jigginz February 11, 2010
11 18