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a bitch and a douche (but somehow less derogatory)
You are such a booch!
Quit acting like a booch!
Hey, booch. What's up?
That was a booch move!
You guys are all booches!
by alfe October 31, 2011
92 65
The Booch refers to the combination of both Balls and Gooch. Whilst getting a Blow-Jizzle this is an area, that when combined and payed serious attention to, can be a game changer. This is the difference between your run of the mill Standard Sally and your 10 out of 10 cum guzzler. Mouth, hand and digit can all be applied to this region, however beware, ones anoos is only a stones throw away.
Girl: "How do you want me to nosh you off?"
Boy: "Pretty much anything is good, just make sure you pay due attention to my booch! I said booch, thats balls and gooch bitch"
by Boochos Gali November 04, 2011
115 56
The combination of the words: bitch and mooch.
Sean is such a booch, he asks for handouts erryday!
by Cody Rich Kabrex April 08, 2014
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Derived from the word Bitch, originally used as a Derogatory word for a woman, now used to describe a cute girl or female friend or companion. can also mean "girlfriend"
1)if you saw a hot girl in a club u'd say: wassup BOOCH = wassup GIRL 2)Thats my BOOCH = thats my GIRLFRIEND
3)Those BOOCHES look cute = those GIRLS look cute
by YaYBoY March 29, 2006
12 23
It is a general insult word or can replace any insulting word. Can also be spelled, "b00ch".
Go b00ch yourself.
What a b00ch.
Wow, your getting b00ched up the ass.
by choco September 24, 2003
10 21
really ugly and/or fro like hair.
"did you see the booch on that one?"
by melissa haynes/cori kelly January 28, 2008
12 24
(n) a combination of an insult with a term of endearment, commonly used when you boo is behaving like a bitch:
"Boo! Calm down! Look, just gimme a call back when your ready to stop acting like such a booch."
by Stoe Jeiner October 28, 2009
4 18