The liquid that oozes or free flows from a females breast..
My random bestfriend marc professes that he wants to try boobjuice... sicko lmao...
by Aussiegal23 January 17, 2009
Top Definition
Juice that comes from boobs... A.K.A. Breast Milk
God that ugly ass baby sure does love his mom's Boob Juice.
by Gamewizard546 September 08, 2009
Infectious juice of the boob
Ewww.. her boobjuice is smelly.
by Agnus Wasabi May 22, 2004
When a woman has large breasts wearing a smaller sized bra, therefore resulting in her breasts coming out of the top of the bra.
Whoa! Did you see Maria's boob juice? Her boobs were totally coming out of her shirt with that bra on.
by peasandchickles April 06, 2010
the juice that comes off your boobs, when you get something squirtied on your chest and it looks like boob juice
linda youve got boob juice on that pretzel, no its just water
by superstupidsexywoman September 30, 2005
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