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Often mistaken for an actual boner, yet in actuality is quite different. Bonzars are often raised by certain circumstances that normally would not affect a boner. However, like a boner, a bonzar can also be affected by attractive women... or men.
John: "Hey, the weather is nice today!"

Mike: "Yea man! In fact, it is kinda giving me a bonzar."

John: "I am getting such a bonzar from this weather."
by Metallifreak77 April 13, 2010
1.When someone is overly excited
2.When someone is taking the piss out of you

Derived from the words boner and zara
1. Zara: ' i got a D in my chemistry test :D! BONZAR!
2. Person A : I jus gt a text! yay!
Person B: Wow, thas amazing(sarcasm). Bonzar.
by Abbas November 26, 2006
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