Believed by many to be the greatest adjective in existence. It has been described by linguists and etymologists as "aestethically pleasing" and "beautiful" as well as being the most highly evolved word in the English language. Recent evidence shows that the word derived from the sitcom Bonanza, which apparently sucked, unlike the word it begot.
The Spanish for bonzai is "bonzo" and the French is "bongay"
by plumpkin September 30, 2005
Top Definition
When a girl goes beyond her own ability trying to take too much dick in her mouth at one time while giving a guy head, surpassing her gag reflex and vomiting chunks and stomach acids on the shaft, balls, and general male reproductive region. yelling "BONZAI"
dude, this hot Korean chick was giving me head last night and then she just bonzaied all over my raging ten inch boner.
by In Yo Mouth May 05, 2010
A really tiny type of tree that comes from Japan. They're so small that you won't believe it's really a tree.
Oh! I need to water my bonzai now.
by coryk July 13, 2006
Sound made when jumping from high heights. Like the Empire State Building or a tall cliff.
He just jumped off that tall building and all you heard was bonzai as he raced down the side of the building.
by I Like Pizza Rolls November 10, 2009
an epic battle cry
as the soldiers ran towards the enemy the shouted "BONZAI"
by WeNeedTheOil May 17, 2016
It is actually a miniature tree type.But in Turkey it is a weed type.They sell it in ghettos.It has so much chemicals and can make you die.Be careful.
Bro i think they are high.High on bonzai.
by ramonathequeen May 11, 2016
v. To go bonzai: Eat a large quantity of psilocybe mushrooms and trip extremely hard for an extended period of time.
Let's get a half-O of shrooms and go bonzai!
by SkiBall January 01, 2006
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