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Bonzah: Typically known as someone who is up really late in the night/early hours of the morning....due to the drugz she/he had taken hours before. Commonly will be read on the she/he will be on various websites, talking about whacked out things...only to her/his mates though..otherwise.."They'll know.."
Girl 1: Can I call you or are you sleeepy?
Girl 2: Oh yeah I just saw that I had a missed call from you, yeah if you want.

Girl 1: Duuddee,I'm so Bonzah right now..
Girl 2: Yeah I can just posted a status..and it sounded like you were pretty Bonzah...
Girl 1: Oh crap man,should I delete it.. I've been twitching so feels like I've been Salsa Dancing for hours...
by Bonzahnah-RAMA December 18, 2011
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