A token parting gift given to the visitor of a one-night-stand. While the gift is traditionally a waffle, the gift may range from a Pop Tart and a high-five to a knowing, wordless nod as your partner exits your apartment.
"Where'd you get the Eggo?"

"Bonus Waffle from last night. Hey, do we have any syrup?"
by Nick Soapdish April 22, 2013
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A waffle given as a parting gift after a one night stand
I got a bonus waffle after a one night stand.
by icetrees April 22, 2013
waffle, babble, farce, hype about how off the hook our bad sex was; an edible token
drew: *bonus waffle*
jeff: lies man, our sex was bad, keep it
by keepit April 22, 2013
Waffle, or any other breakfast pastry, provided to you by your one night stand when leaving their house in the morning.
I received a syrupless Eggo waffle as a parting gift from a one night stand.


Time to add "Bonus Waffle" to urban dictionary

by Drew707 April 22, 2013
A syrupless waffle given to you as a parting gift after a one night stand.
"I thought of it as a bonus waffle on top of sex"
by XxDouche123456xX April 22, 2013
When a one person gives the other a waffle, such as an Eggo brand waffle, as a parting gift after a one night stand. This shows class and gratitude.
That man was so nice! He gave me a bonus waffle as thanks this morning before he left.
by Snysly April 22, 2013
The act of giving food, usually of the breakfast variety, in the morning as a parting gift after a one night stand. Not strictly limited to waffles; may also be poptart, pancake, toast, etc. It signals the end of the conversation and an invitation to leave.
"I had a one night stand with that girl from the club last night. After another round of morning sex she gave me a high five and a bonus waffle!"
by Snipard April 22, 2013
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