What you call a Jonas brother that's not in the band.
Or a 'Wannabe Jonas brother' but of course the only reason why anybody would want to be a Jonas brother is to get all the girls they get.
"hey have you seen the Bonus Jonas?"
Yeah, he's reciting the lyrics to a Jonas brother song.
by XXX$mok3w33d4lyph3420XXX June 29, 2011
Top Definition
Bonus Jonas refers to the oh so adorable youngest Jonas Brother, Frankie Jonas. Frankie is not in the Jonas Brothers, but in his own band Hollywood Shakeup. He is 7 years old. His birthday is September 28. He is often seen tagging along either backstage, or amongst the audience with his parents.

Bonus Jonas also has been misconstrewed by Disney Channel as Jonas Brothers "bouns features"...in other words, showing behind the scenes Jonas stuff/Q&A
OMJ!!! I just saw the Bonus Jonas!!! He's so adorable!!!

OMJ!!! Did you just see that Bonus Jonas time??? Kevin's laugh in that segment made me laugh hysterically!!!
by jb_lvr_13 August 09, 2008
Also known as Frankie Jonas, the youngest brother of Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas of the band "The Jonas Brothers". Although Frankie is not in the band, he is still as awesome as his brothers who are.
"Frankie Jonas is the Bonus Jonas of the Jonas Brothers!"
by holllyj July 20, 2008
franklin nathaniel jonas, or frankie, the fourth jonas brother. he is not in the band, therefore: the bonus jonas
the bonus jonas is in the movie Ponyo.
by jonas bro #5 August 19, 2009
Frankie Jonas, the unknown, youngest Jonas brother.
I thought I was only getting 3 Jonas', but they threw in a bonus Jonas!
by The BAMF October 08, 2009
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