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adj. - the greatest form of utter stupidity, rediculousness, or irrationality. to perform such an act would require becoming a hermit for all eternity.
Wow, that was pretty Bontemps of you!
by Paul Cognetti September 15, 2004
A person who is very ugly, stupid, and annoying. This person has an extremely false since of cockiness, although has no friends. This person may also be referred to as Screech, Sam Powers, or Dustin Diamond.

i.e. - the worst of all insults
Quit being a Bontemps!
by bort September 25, 2004
A fictional town in the series True Blood, HBO, loosely based on the Sookie Stackhouse books. Located in the same state as New Orleans, Louisiana.
Bon Temps is a lovely town in Louisiana.
by davidswife&trubie February 09, 2011
To party it up hard, get really drunk, and have a great time despite how you might feel the next morning.
"Damn, those guys are partying Bontemps style over there!"

"Tim and Ron said they wanted to get blotto Bontemps style tonight at the concert."
by WVU Fan September 14, 2005
To run over things with a oversized 4x4 pickup truck.
The bank called. They said that you bontempsed their exit-only sign.
by snizzle mo May 27, 2004
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