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bonnie (or bonni) is a dogs name. please, stop naming you children bonnie, as i have a strong urge to tap my knee and whistle whenever i call someone named bonnie.
bonnie *whistles* dinner time :)
A loser that loves jackfruit chips and is obsessed with poop and other things relating to jackfruit chips. A jerk that shows no respect to their superiors.
What loser did an essay about poop?" "I have no idea, its probably a Bonnie.
by BonnieIsALoser November 20, 2010
A "closet lesbian" who likes to eat(alot), never washes them selves, has a smelly vagina, thinks they're are better than every one else... back stabs best friends. chases men to make it seem like she doesnt like other women.
eww... its bonnie...
by <3 + () January 16, 2012
to be stood up on a date.
Hey jack did that gurl show up last night? na she pulled a bonnie on me.
by Crazzykuder February 15, 2008
some sketchball with a bald spot that stares at you from across the room at church and is a sexual predator to little girls and has frizzy hair and no manners and doesn't ask but commands. Also shes sexually active with the pastor and has no boobs!
guy: "theres a bonnie staring at you"
girl: " tell her to grow some hair"
by MattJaxon February 24, 2009