bonnie (or bonni) is a dogs name. please, stop naming you children bonnie, as i have a strong urge to tap my knee and whistle whenever i call someone named bonnie.
bonnie *whistles* dinner time :)
Someone you can call your bestie!
A: Wow! Who is that!
B: That's Bonnie.
A: I want her to be my bestie!
by hawty01 October 12, 2014
A Scottish word meaning attractive, pretty, handsome or good looking. Can be applied to people, animals, landscapes, etc - anything that can be beautiful. It comes from the french "bon" (good), and was famously used to describe the young scottish prince who was trying to take the british throne, "Bonnie Prince Charlie".

In America it is also a Woman's name
That's a bonnie cat you've got there

She's a bonnie girl

The sunset's really bonnie tonight
by hippyruth May 21, 2015
A dangerous criminal from the 1930s, a bank robber; a character in the anime series Pokemon X and Y; a minor character in the Hunger Games.
Bonnie and her husband Clyde, were a couple in crime until ambushed and killed by police in May 1934.
by theone398 July 19, 2015
When a man bites a woman's nipple without her permission.
"He just bonnied that bitch."
by joeasjldk May 19, 2016
An "in the closet" lesbian that enjoys partying. Usually small and graceful. Also likes to steal peoples virginities
Shes such a bonnie
by Super Diva Novas July 02, 2010
A loser that loves jackfruit chips and is obsessed with poop and other things relating to jackfruit chips. A jerk that shows no respect to their superiors.
What loser did an essay about poop?" "I have no idea, its probably a Bonnie.
by BonnieIsALoser November 20, 2010
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