bonnie (or bonni) is a dogs name. please, stop naming you children bonnie, as i have a strong urge to tap my knee and whistle whenever i call someone named bonnie.
bonnie *whistles* dinner time :)
from the Scottish word meaning 'beautiful," also describes a woman who has a zest for life, is artistic AND athletic. She has a smile and a helping hand for all.
Once again, Bonnie is training for a triathalon AND cooking up a healthy vegetarian dinner. Later Bonnie will throw some pots.
by The queen of dean February 05, 2010
AWESOMENESS.. Like, no joke. Pure awesomeness. Even better than a spork.
The one who's cooler than sporks?
Yeah. I know her.
Why, what's up?
by hahaomglolkit August 02, 2011
Sweet as pie
A person who is quiet spoken and laughs life away. Loves a good joke and a believes that a day with out laughter is a day waisted. Loves animals, dancing, drinking, and enjoys her friends.

Has more then one college degree.

Bonnies are mysterious and attractive woman.

Bonnies have beautiful eyes

At least one sheep on a farm is named Bonnie
I swear I have more degrees under my name then a Bonnie!

I partied like Bonnie last night

You are as sweet as a Bonnie!

I am truely Bonniefied by you
by QRS623 January 18, 2011
The most bad ass girls on the planet. They make new years resolutions to be more bad ass and eat nails for breakfast. Their conversations can be slightly revolting, but normally are pretty bad ass. Bonnies can be spotted by their dark mark tattoos and fake british accents. They can often be heard quoting Harry Potter or saying "filthy mudblood".
Bill: Hey did you see that Bonnie over there?

John: Yeah shes pretty bad ass!
by TheDarkLordHatesMuggles January 09, 2011
Bonnie's are very beautiful and are the sweetest women in the world. Life without Bonnie's is meaningless. They have the most loving personality, every girl wants to be them and any guy will be the luckest to date them. Bonnie's are the most down to earth, very smart, funny, heart of gold and are the most envied. They are known to be the most loving and caring people, they will be the best and awesome mothers. Bonnie's are one of a kind and truly make you feel blessed if you have one in your life!!!
Damn!!! She so beautiful!!!
Thats bc she is a Bonnie

I have the best mom in the world
I bet her name is a Bonnie!!!
by mMmMmM January 28, 2014
A creepy ass purple bunny animatronic that freaks the shit out of you. From the game Five nights at Freddie's. Some consider t the scariest of animatronics, I consider it freaky-ass shit that shouldn't exist.
George: did you play five nights at Freddie's?
Bob: ya, Bonnie freaked the shit outta me.
by Selké the great February 24, 2015
Someone you can call your bestie!
A: Wow! Who is that!
B: That's Bonnie.
A: I want her to be my bestie!
by hawty01 October 12, 2014

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