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Origins: Goan Konkani.

Meaning: 1) Person with lots of hair around the asshole.

2) Hair in the arse. Could also mean an irritant, like the one hair that gets in to the anal canal and irritates like hell.

Used as an expression to tell someone not to be arrogant, or as a phrase to belittle someone.

Some may wonder why should this be an expletive, because there is nothing unnatural about having hair in the bum.

However, if one puts it in context, i.e. the fact that white European Portuguese who ruled Goa for 400 years had less hair around their assholes. Traits of the dominating race always become aspirational in nature. Thus, local Goans - dark skinned and hairy - verbally abused one another by calling them a dirty hairy person (as opposed to being a White European and hairless person).

Hence this phrase, which is very unique to Goa, with no parallel found anywhere else in India, not even among the mixed bred Anglo-Indians.
1) Konaak Bom Marta? Tujhe Bonkaan Kes! (Who are you shouting at? Your a hairy-asshole person).

2) Get Lost you dumb idiot. Tujhe Bonkaa Kes!

3) Tho ek Bonkaan Kes re. (He is a hair (subs. pain) in the ass! - rare usage
by Humblybob March 31, 2009
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