Bonita, CA is possibly the world's most boring town. Ever. There is nothing to do but go to school and get an education and leave the conservative-infested, atmosphere-devoid, small as hell town. You could catch a bus to Downtown San Diego, but it's so damn far away it takes like 45 minutes to get to the friggin' Trolley system...

It's scenery is beautiful though.
The only good thing about Bonita is that there isn't a Starbucks every two blocks. Or could that be a bad thing?
by Shouldliveinthecity August 06, 2009
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An complimentary noun literally "pretty" (female form), which is most commonly used in reference to latinas, but does not necessarily have to be used as such.
"Hey, bonita! How's it going?"
by elle March 31, 2005
Bonita means BEAUTIFUL in spanish! She is an enchanted, optimistic, free loving soul. She has the ability to feel what others feel, people flock to her for advice. She is intuitively ON TARGET all the time. She is intelligent, giving, caring, if she has children; she is a good mother. She would give you the shirt off your back and travel for miles to help a friend in need. She is easily brought to tears but she is always smiling. Her laugh is contagious and she seems to find humor in just about anything or any situation. Not only is she found to be beautiful on the inside because of her charming and loving soul, she is said to be one of the most beautiful woman in the world.
She was so breathtaking, the moment I saw her I knew her name to be Bonita
by Constant Observer February 04, 2010
Latin word for a pretty gurl
Damn that gurl is bonita
by p.i.m.p.i.n. March 22, 2005
A word used in certain languages (Portuguese,Spanish etc.) to mean beautiful or pretty.
La Isla Bonita (a Brazilian island which means "Beautiful Island")
by st.jofe September 23, 2006
A Bonita is usually an enchanting, positive, free loving soul. Her intuition is always spot on and you can never keep things from her for too long. She is kind, courageous, empathetic, intelligent and has a great sense of self righteous justice. She makes a great mother if she has children. Her laugh is contagious, she has a great sense of humour. A loyal friend, honest and places a high priority on the value and roles of partnership in any relationship.

As stunning on the outside as she is on the inside, she is said to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful creatures on this earth. Kind, humble, modest and a lil self conscious at times, her only fault is doubting herself, she is very natural and down to earth, lots of people want to be her friend. Self reclusive and sometimes very quiet, spontaneous and independent.
The opponent is Bonita, yeah.... looks like the perfect woman


Chica Bonita, muy bueno!!
by Kuroineko May 05, 2011
in Mexico we say BONITA to the beautiful women. Not precisaly she is warm or hornlike, only if she has a BONITA face. Even is not important if she does not have a good form, a good body, it is only a word to say that a girl has a nice face
1. Look that girl, she is really BONITA

2. I met a woman, she does not have a good body, but she is BONITA
by vicman March 05, 2006
Means pretty or beautiful in Spainish get it right people!!
"Oh you are so Bonita!"
"Bomenos bonita,"
"Mami bonita!" :-)
by shorty4yah? July 08, 2014

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