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Bongfire; the act of getting a bunch of people together for a giant bonfire in which you burn nothing but marijuana (and perhaps some kindling).
Jack: "Hey man, are you coming to my bongfire tonight?
Frank: "Nah man, that stuff fries your brain cells."
by Dr.Winston December 25, 2012
When someone with long hair is hitting up the bong and accidentally puts his/hers hair on fire.
Man, we were taking hits and suddenly Jake bongfired his hair.
by Swagious June 13, 2015
When the bowl you're roasting flares up and burns uncontrollably. Usually when smoking dry herb.
He scorched his eyebrows in a raging bongfire.
by The Bongmaster September 17, 2011
The act of secretly farting into a bong someone is about to take a hit from.
John: Yo dude, its Alex's hit next, you should fart in the bong. Quick he's coming back!
Steve: Sure man, Alex won't know this bong fire even hit 'em.
John: This is some good weed by the way man.
Steve: Damn right nigga.
by Wumbologist98 June 10, 2014
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