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Female version of the most badass muthafucka.
Bongalong is the most badass muthafucka ever. She'll stab you in the neck with a spork just cause.
by Bongolong August 01, 2006
A proclamation used to define or state the use of, or intended use, of a water pipe or "Bong."
"HARK! coincidentally the time is 4:20 ........BONGALONG!"

-also used in a similar context as "bang a rang"
by Kings Mcman November 08, 2007
Comes From Detroit Lakes Minnesota Potheads. (A Group Of Two Or More Are Gathered For A Session.)
What did you do when a bongalong comes by?
Yew Hop On!!!!!! Lmao
by D.U.I & RyRy September 01, 2004