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The time-honoured tradition of preparing Cannabis (subsp. Indica/Sativa) for use in a bong (a water pipe specifically made for cannabis use). An ideal bong mix is made with dry, well cured, mature female cannabis buds (protalid flowers) and toasted Lucky Strike cigarettes. Somewhere between 60-70% of this should be Cannabis.
Any less and it will taste like shit and make you wretch, any more and it may not light evenly. This is essential as fire destroys large amounts of THC (the desired active ingredient in Cannabis. Others include the medically-beneficient CBD) so you want it lit all over in less than a second.
Bong Mix is generally held and passed in a "Mowl/Mole Bowl", traditionally a card flyer folded in a certain way as to make an odd shaped container. Of course anything with smooth surfaces can contain bongmix, even a literal ceramic bowl. However, the cardboard mole bowl lends itself to other uses, not exclusively its ready availability and ease of use.
"Wanna get high?"
"You know it!!"
"You get the bong, I'll make the mix."
"Ok dude, but I'm gonna go a little slower today."
"Your idea of bong mix is to smoke up a 1/4oz. in 20 minutes, dude. You're fucked up and I don't want to be like you."
"Fair enough, more for me. Oh and get me a beer out of the fridge."
*out of the room by now* "OKAY!"
by Fludence March 09, 2009
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Bongmix, a smoking mix made for smoking in a bong. The mix consists of fineley grinded cannabis, or resin, mixed with a toasted cigarette. Toasting the cigarette dries out the tabacco sweating out some tar and making the tobacco easier to blend a nicer smoke. A Bongmix will provide a stronger hit of smoke and sometimes a headrush, also it has more of a monging effect.
Knock up a Bongmix Liam.

That Bongmix got me so caned.

I wish we had some more Bongmix.

Theres too many people on this Bongmix.
by EC smokin November 14, 2007
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