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Bong Hits for Jesus is an Philly based original rock band. Using the name that Joe Frederick made famous in his landmark Supreme Court free speech fight, Bong Hits For Jesus is all about peoples' First Amendment rights, artistic freedom, and the tendency to enjoy life's fruits.
You can learn everything you need to know about Bong Hits for Jesus at
#bhfj #bong hits for budda #bong hits #jesus #cheezy and the crackers #fat city reprise #ween #hits for j
by Mix Master Obi-Wan July 15, 2009
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holy bong hits
freedom of speech
'lets take bong hits for jesus until we reach higher enlightenment'
#bong #hits #weed #marijuana #cannabis #stoner #first amendment
by CheeseblockerFaceMaker November 01, 2008
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