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Where the eye pupils differ in position
Bong eye is where one of your pupils is in the middle of your eye, the other is at the side of your eye socket
by mrbongeyeindeed June 21, 2009
Someones whos eyes look like they have been smoking weed for all there life.
Me and Jason smoked pot last night with Claudia and she had a bongeye mate.
by kimmy_baby,xo June 16, 2008
A slang name for a lazy eye, basically meaning that one (or sometimes both) of your eyes tend to not look the same way as the other, which makes it confusing for people to know who you're exactly looking at. Probably originates from the bong of which you use to take certain drugs and how when you're high you might have a temporary lazy eye because of the highness.
"Damn, I didn't know if she was looking at me or him because of that stupid bong eye she has."
by Morganaaa March 13, 2012
A faggot with dodged eyes, when you think they're looking at you, they ain't
Jim Hughes is a faggot. He has bongeyes
by buttfuck160792 August 14, 2008
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