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A word describing a ridiculously awesome event that just occurred. Generally refers to a skateboarding trick
Damnnnnnn that nollie heelflip was bonesaw
by Danszine dan August 11, 2005
A exclamation of power said usually after the massive beating down those smaller and or wussier than yourself.
BONE-SAW!!!....Do you need help getting up since I just slammed your little self into the ground and broke at least one bone.(Hence the term bone-saw
by Fresh Prince of Fair Oaks November 19, 2003
A sexual move where the woman sits on the man's crotch, and shakes her pelvis perpendicular to the orientation of her slit.
She bonesawed me last night, now I have a juicy rash.
by Paccali November 14, 2002
bonesaw, you just got bonesawed
(see bonesawed)
by Zac January 03, 2005
Bonesaw is the nickname of a fag I know named CORRRRRRRBINNNNNNN!!!! who has brothers CORBIN'S BROTHER AND BROTHER OF CORRRRRRRRRBINNNNNNN
Corbin's nickname is bonesaw!
by BOYYYIE January 03, 2005