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an exclamation, suitable for almost any occasion.
-She totally just burned you, man...

This new ice cream flavor totally rocks my socks! Bonesaw!

I can still wear these pants for another week. Bonesaw.
by calenlass May 17, 2005
A slang word used in Gears of War to describe a person being chainsawed in half. Also used as an alternative name to the lancer, AKA: Bonesaw Gun
*you sneek up on an unsuspecting enemy, pull out the lancer, get the chainsaw going and then yell:* BONESAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thus they have been bonesawed.
by The S.M.A. September 04, 2007
Macho Man Randy Savage's last attempt at stardom.
MMM SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM.........my career's down the shitter.Here, I've got it, I'll take the part as BONESAW, a tiny roll in Spiderman the movie. A pitiful role yes, but a large stepping stone to attain world domination....also yes.
by T Funk Railroad January 02, 2004
noun, verb, adjective, whatever;
def: the greatest of all things, can be applied to everything. important, crucial, awesome, etc. an attainable state of mind that trandscends materialism and ignorance.
this band is BONESAW!
what a BONESAW lunch!
how BONESAW was that?
owing me money is so not BONESAW!
by Nate February 09, 2004
A really awesome dog that is cool in atleast one way. Bonesaws, however, can only be dogs that are large.
These are not Bonesaws:
Lap Dogs
Lame Dogs
smelly dogs
pussy dogs
by Omaly September 10, 2008
ghetto wrestler in spida man,thats obvisously on drugs og cush
hulk hogan w/ bone saw in 5 years.
by coolio G February 14, 2008
I medical tool docters use for organ doners.
Nurse, please pass me that bone saw.
by Santa December 27, 2002