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1. If used in the right context, it is another way of saying "Had sexual intercourse with."

2. It could also be used along similar lines to "Bollocksed it up."
1. "That's correct, my wife rode the bonercoaster last night."

2. "That project was a total fucking bonercoaster."
by A.R.G.U.S Mykal September 04, 2006
14 3
This is the phenomenon that occurs when you see a ridicuously hot chick that makes you instantaneously pop wood, blow your load, pop wood, blow your load, pop wood, and so on. Similiar to the peaks and valleys one would experience on a roller coaster.
"Dude, you see that chick in the mini-skirt? I'm totally riding a boner coaster right now."
by A quickdraw/ripcord production February 23, 2006
45 27