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n. adj: time specifically designated during one's day to address an erection through a method which will either calm or subside the erection.

The time is regularly scheduled, but methods of domesticating the erection may vary.

"Boner" represents the erection, while "Tame" is a play on the word "Time" and the concept of ejaculation, hence "BonerTame."
Laura said "Hey Dave, it's four o'clock you know what that means?!"
Dave replies, "Of course, it's BonerTame!" or

Situation: John is watching pornographic videos and his room-mate walks in the room. John exclaims "Dude, why are you in this room... you know 5:00 p.m is my BonerTame!"
by Lebanese-a-licious April 13, 2009

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