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A secret phone, typically a cheap prepaid one, used in a clandestine manner away from one's SO for the sole purpose of arranging booty calls from someone other than the SO. The purpose of the bone phone is to avoid detection from the SO looking at your phone bill.
Dave: Is that Lloyd's new phone? What a loser -- why didn't he get an iPhone instead of that cheap piece of shit?

Robert: He has an iPhone...that's just his bone phone. I think he's talking to your mom
by Dick Z. Normuss July 02, 2009
10 2
When someone has your cock near their mouth you call it your "Bone Phone" and they are answering it for you.
While your down their can you answer my Bone Phone, it's calling.
by CableBob September 06, 2008
9 5
The bonephone is typically talked to by women, although homosexual men also talk to it as well. The bonephone is an oddly shaped boner that resembles that of a payphone receiver. Talking to the bonephone is another term for receiving oral pleasure.
"You don't need a quarter to use my bonephone, use it for free!"

"I have bad hearing, talk to the bonephone instead."
by DMackCDA June 12, 2007
9 7
The telephone used by a phone sex provider.
You kids be quiet in there, Momma's gotta answer the bonephone!
by Drinkin Lincoln July 28, 2013
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