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Since all of the "good women" have been "taken" by the time they are 15 years old, a common practice in Bonduel is for the men to get together in the gravel drive of the trailer park and bond. The Bonduel Meat Fest generally starts with innocent beer drinking and trash talking but ends with strange homo-erotic sausage stuffing challenges.
Guy 1: ..."and I said that is a dead parrot mother fucker!"
Guy 2: "Wow, that is some awesome shit."
Guy 3: "Fucking a, you are awesome"
Guy 4: "Yes, you are awesome"
Guy 5: "You are awesome too"
Guy 6: "Living in the Bonduel trailer park is awesome."
Guy 7: "Really awesome, who wants to pack some meat?"
Guys: "Time to stuff some sausage, it is a Bonduel Meat Fest!"
by Semen Collector April 03, 2009

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