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Bondu is a Punjabi word which means Gay.
Just look at how that guy is behaving, he is surely a bondu.
by Haywards5000 March 06, 2009
a dumb blonde moment; a flash of momentary stupidity; a brief mental lapse of judgement or memory
I'm such a bondu for forgetting my phone in the rest area bathroom!
by sweater July 09, 2013
Bondu means either cool or a really hot girl
Bondu is a noun
Man that sesh today was so bondu
Woah check it out bondu at nine o'clock
by Junt Stunt September 15, 2007
A really hot girl or something that is really cool
Man that bondu you hooked up with last night was so tight
Yo were going to such a bondu party tonight its going to be Killah
by Junt Stunt September 18, 2007

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