Synonym: superiority complex
1. An exaggerated feeling of being superior to others.
2. A psychological defense mechanism in which feelings of superiority counter or conceal feelings of inferiority.
That man is so Bond, he thinks he's the greatest in the world.
by Ruchia August 07, 2006
The basic unit of measure for sexual activity. Named after James Bond. Abreviated "Bds"
Firt Base - 7 Bonds
Second Base - 15 Bonds
Third Base - 25 Bonds
Being James Bond - 76 Bonds
"Yo, I was mackin' this chick and we was gettin' it on at 30 bds!"
by CynicalSeraph December 10, 2003
A super sly ninja guy who wears camoflauge gloves and loves to eat double stuffed E.L. Fudge wafers
while slam baggin his pet pig
I saw Bond in the Utility Closet playing with the vacuum cleaner hose, but i couldn't see his ninja hands.
by Dede's Kid October 22, 2003
1. bottom 2. butt 3 ass 4. soft fleshy part to the body that when you sit on it you can ride a joy stick like a jokey
5. part of the body you use to sit on and ride a horse 6. booty
you must have a soda and shake your bond.
by Robert Gradin May 24, 2007
Acronym for

Antonym for LOWD
Man that guy has a huge BOND!
by CHAD_FLORIDA January 07, 2008
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