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The hair thst grows around your asshole
Tom tried to shave his Bon Jovi, but he ended up with a horrible infection.
by Black Rooster May 30, 2007
56 90
another name for an erection. It's about time for a new word for erection.
DAMN! With all these girls in the pool, I'm getting the biggest Bon Jovi ever.

I'm getting a Bon Jovi just thinkin about that girl's angel ass.
by Sean Manning June 06, 2007
18 77
When you see a girl from behind with tight jeans, long flowing hair, only to find out its a guy from the front.
Hey, check out this broad... Oh, shit its a Bon Jovi!!! GROSS
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
109 207
lack of hair straightners . looks like a poodle crawled on a persons head died and fused to the scalp
omg what the hell happened to u ??
thats a real bon jovi!!
by Hannah June 19, 2006
30 134
A transvestite that has attempted too many times to release a good album, let alone a good song. Is a disgrace to the face of humanity and rock and roll. Sold his/her soul to the devil and owns a shitty Arena Football team that nobody gives a shit about.
-Man, I hate Bon Jovi.
-Yea, that thing's a faggot.
by jpbdfreemo July 11, 2006
71 219
a really gay singer who has no good songs and all his songs sound exactly the same.
did you hear greenday?
ya they're just like Bon Jovi.
by nativepride March 14, 2006
92 267
The most sucking band ever to emerge on the rock scene.
They are good at making young girls wet their pants, though, singing about i'll-die-for-you-i-will-always-love-you kind of shit. They suck even harder when they try to sound like a real rock band.
Oh, this bon jovi's faggot voice really piss me off!
by shakhan December 07, 2005
97 272