To get a blow job. Plain and simple.
That hoe gave me a Bon Jovi last night.
by Petey B October 24, 2004
The most sucking band ever to emerge on the rock scene.
They are good at making young girls wet their pants, though, singing about i'll-die-for-you-i-will-always-love-you kind of shit. They suck even harder when they try to sound like a real rock band.
Oh, this bon jovi's faggot voice really piss me off!
by shakhan December 07, 2005
another name for an erection. It's about time for a new word for erection.
DAMN! With all these girls in the pool, I'm getting the biggest Bon Jovi ever.

I'm getting a Bon Jovi just thinkin about that girl's angel ass.
by Sean Manning June 06, 2007
A decent singer and band who get a lot of hate simply because they are not as metal or rock as other bands. Criminally underrated, the only people who hate Bon Jovi are people who listen to songs that make zero sense. Bon Jovi's songs are known for packing many emotions and telling stories about hard-working and respectful working-class people, unlike those horrible metal bands like Metallica who scream random bullshit.
Metallica fan: Oh man, Bon Jovi songs suck!
Any other normal human: At least their songs make sense and tell beautiful stories! What does Metallica sing about?
Metallica fan: ...I'm tired of this conversation.
by RWBYSanctum June 07, 2016
As a verb, to "Bon Jovi" someone is to completely humiliate them either by their stupid actions or by your superior actions.

In modern cyber/text message language, to "Bon Jovi" someone is to completely pwn them, most often through some humiliating action.
Did you see that dude get totally bon jovi'd last night on "Cops"?
by Montag Delorean September 23, 2005
To be halfway to a destination.
Referring to lyrics of a Bon Jovi song, Livin' on a Prayer.
("We're halfway there, livin' on a prayer")
Stan: How close to your goal are you?
Carly: I'm almost Bon Jovi.

Carly: How far have we walked?
Stan: We're Bon Jovi.
by C. Ories November 01, 2006
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