New Jersey-based glam metal band. They aren't the most adventurous musicians, but hey, neither were AC/DC, and they still sound good. One of the few bands made up of nice guys to be still called metal. Their lineup is basically the same after 20 years, there have been no arrests, no pyrotechnics disasters (see Metallica and Great White), no stadium riots (see Guns n' Roses), no trips to rehab (see Ozzy Osbourne), no car crashes that killed other rock stars (see Motley Crue). Also, for some reason I can't understand, I can't imagine them being from anywhere but New Jersey. All in all, a solid band with a good career. Unquestioned masters of the power ballad.
Axl Rose was definitely the better frontman than Jon Bon Jovi, but there's no question about which one I'd rather get hang out with.
by jonzo the weasel September 11, 2006
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Possibly the best rock band to ever put out an entire album of power ballads (Slippery When Wet). Led by singer Jon Bon Jovi, the band is one of the few to make the transition from the 80's hair metal scene to the alternative nineties. Liked mostly by girls, and currently not cool in the public's eye, but we all know that they rocked pretty hard.
"Whoa, we're halfway there/ WhooOAA, livin' on a prayer"
by 7620 August 29, 2005
a kick ass rock band, whose twenty year career spawned 5 number one singles and eleven top ten hits, fourteen albums and sold one hundred million records. the band members are: lead singer, jon bon jovi. lead guitars, richie sambora. keyboards & pianos, david bryan. drums/percussion, tico torres. bass guitar, hugh mcdonald. (formerly alec john such)
Dude, did you go to the Bon jovi concert last night? it ruled!
by JoviJava September 17, 2005
One of the most incredible bands of all time. Many people judge them by some of the latest albums which aren't half as good as the early songs. Best songs include:livin' on a prayer, these days, just older, mystery train, in these arms, bed of roses, damned, diamond ring and so much more I can't name them. One of the few non-druggy bands around.
Some Guy with a good grasp of English: Bon Jovi are wicky-bo init
Another guy:Aye, man...dey is kickin.
by Billy Whizz June 03, 2006
Something super awesome.
Dude, those shoes are so Bon Jovi.
by Random Name Bear November 07, 2006
another way to say "have a nice day"
later hannah, bon jovi!
by brooke stephenson December 20, 2005
As a verb, to "Bon Jovi" someone is to completely humiliate them either by their stupid actions or by your superior actions.

In modern cyber/text message language, to "Bon Jovi" someone is to completely pwn them, most often through some humiliating action.
Did you see that dude get totally bon jovi'd last night on "Cops"?
by Montag Delorean September 23, 2005
Truly a Great Rock Star Awesome in Concert Great Singer The Best in the whole wide World. he had Such Hits As runaway, Dead or alive. living on a prayer and Bed Of Roses.
Jack Says to Sara Wanna go to a bonjovi Concert Tonight.
by Ratt April 11, 2005

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