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"Bommy" or "Bommie" by defenition, means "Bonfire" by all those Liverpudlian, scouse mortals who use it once a year to describle bonfire night!
"Are you goin down the wrecky, to watch the bommy?" or in real english, "Are you going to the recreational field to watch the bonfire, as it appears to be bonfire night?"
by Scouse linguistical officer November 05, 2009
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A more universal application of bombies, referring to either very potent cannabis (marijuana), or cannabis products such as cannabis food or cannabis concentrates. May also refer to the "positive faded feelings" one gets after consuming bombies, or other superb drugs.
1) Eddie feels bommies from smoking lots of the dankies.
2) Charlie gets turbo-faded from hitting bommies with the Yeti, which is a large bong.
3) LSD is a fountain of bommies sentiment and creativity.
by Bankelsonians May 23, 2010
something good, like feeling infinite.

Those summer nights when nothing is wrong and one feels nostalgic, life is Bommy.
by maryybopeeep July 23, 2008

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