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Adj. describing someone who is fabulous, someone with Diva tendancies.
1) Yeah, sure I know Sarah - that chick is so bomi!

2) Did you see what Carry was wearing last night? Now that's bomi!
by UrbanSlick October 20, 2011
Ball of meat in spaghetti.
Yo that kid is a B.O.M.I.S
by HTWP May 12, 2008
This prefix, attached to any noun, is used to show that something is insufficient, broken or inadaquate. It is derived from the name of the company, BomiShip, who's chartered yachts have become famous for their spectacular lack of working equipment.
It is a common misconception that all Skodas are Bomi-cars.
by Andrew Hobson August 08, 2005
a stick usually used in case of fire or to stick up something
"AH! He put that bomi up my ass and it felt delicious."
by ily hot January 06, 2008