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straight, pimp, bomb, cool, phat
That girls ass is so bombo
by Kris July 17, 2003
19 42
A word used to substitute other words in a sentence.
“Im just going down to the Bombo, any body want anything?”

“Clair gives good Bombo”

“What's that Bombo looking at?”

“Mate, if you don’t shut the f*ck up im going to tear you a new Bombo!”

"I Bombo you so much, will you marry me?"

"Get in the Bombo, we're going for a drive"

by Kman* February 23, 2009
25 17
The act of being really gay about an issue.
"Why are you acting so bombo?"
by Victimus July 21, 2009
6 15
An alternative to the colloquial form of nigger. Also more commonly applies to the more racist meaning.
whats that bombo up to?!
by Ilia March 21, 2005
16 54