Origins in Jamacia "Bomba" meaning Head. "Clot" meaning Cloth. Litteral Meaning is Head Cloth. Heard in Jamacan Cafeterias.

Also used as American Slang for What the f@#k!!!
Check out his bomba clot!
by Josiah Baker October 30, 2007
Top Definition
General cuss from the Jamaican English patois. Now means 'cunt', but originally referred to a cloth used as a tampon by women. Literally 'bum-cloth'.
After crossing the road right in front of a car, the car driver shouted "BOMBACLOT!!!!"
by bennyboy April 19, 2006
usually means "cunt" or a period cloth or some shit, comes from jamaica, disgusting, also called a bum-cloth or a Elliot Porter-Heron.
"hey, Elliot you bombaclot! get over here!!
by elliotsahugebombaclot June 16, 2016
oh fuck it. refusal to do something stupid.
authority: hey billy, i need you to wipe down the urinals and scrub the shitters.

billy: bombacloooot!
by t0mmy teh TANK March 16, 2005
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